Frequently asked questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you are entitled to join for one trial lesson before you have to become an official member and pay the membership contribution. Also please keep in mind that only a limited number of people are allowed inside the dance room because of COVID-19, so please contact us beforehand. If you want to join for a class please send an email to with the class you want to follow (urban/contemporary) and the preferred date.

To join our association you have to pay the membership contribution within 14 days to NL91 RABO 0355 9436 03 with the description: Member contribution SDF + first and last name.

For the regular class (urban & contemporary) the contribution is €30,- for a year or €20,- for half a year.

For Wagalicious the contribution is €40,-. If you are a member of Wagalicious you can also join the regular class and do not need to pay extra contribution.

You must have valid sportsrights to join our association, which will be checked by us!

Due to COVID-19 a maximum number of people are allowed inside the room. Therefore, it is required to fill in your name at the sign-up sheet if you want to join our class. You can find this link in the group discription of our Whatsapp group.

Please also read the following regulations before attending the class:
– Due to COVID it is not possible to use the changing rooms so we ask you to change at home. 

– By signing up for this sport activity you declare you show no symptoms of a COVID-19 infection and that you can answer no to all the following questions:

– Do you currently have corona?
– Does one of your family members or roommates currently have corona?
– Did you in a time frame of two weeks got cured from corona?
– Do you have one or the following symptoms; cold, sneezing, coughing, painful throat, increased temperature (37,5 – 38 degrees) or fever (more than 38 degrees)?
– Do your family members or housemates currently have any of the above symptoms?
– Are you in home isolation?

If the situation changes between signing up and participating in the sports activity please sign out and let people know in the SDF Whatsapp group so other people can sign up.

Yes, we would love to help you organise a cool dance workshop for you student/study/sports association! Please contact us at so we can discuss all the details. 

You can access all our pictures & videos via our private Whatsapp group. You will be added in this group after we have received your contribution fee. In our Whatsapp group you will find a link in the group description to our Google Photos Album where you can access all our pictures & videos. 

The music of our class can be accessed via our Spotify playlist we have created for you! Go to our Media page to see the playlist.