Open classes

Open classes september 2023


We had an amazing AID and we loved to see your enthusiasm during the clinic and at our stands.We are very happy to see that so many of you have shown interest in our association. We are really looking forward to showing you what it is like to be a member of SDF.

To do that we have organised open classes in the first two weeks of the new academic year. There will be classes in Open Style and Contemporary and you can sign up for whichever you would like. 

The schedule for the open classes will be:

Open syle Contemporary
5 September
6 September
13 September
14 September

For now we also want to give you some practical information on the classes:

How to sign up:

For each class there is a sign up sheet which you can find via this link: It might be necessary to do this via your laptop instead of your phone. If you want to, you can join two classes (one in each style) but it is not necessary to join two classes of the same style as all classes will be the same. Full=Full so if you cannot enter your name anymore and still want to try-out a class please let us know so we plan for you to join a class another time. Also if you are not available during these dates you can send an email to later in the year and then you can join a regular class some time to try-out.


The classes will be given at the ‘Vlinder’. This is a sportshall next to the high school ‘Pantarijn’. We are dancing in the Jazz Dance studio which is located in the basement and you can get there by taking the stairs. There will also be a member of our association waiting in the front of the building to guide you to the class. And if you cannot find the location you can call this number to get some help: +393313367024. Please be on time because we are working with a tight schedule:) 

What to bring

For the contemporary class you can dance on socks or bare feet and for the Open Style class you can bring your indoor sneakers. For both classes just wear something you feel comfortable in and don’t forget to bring your water bottle!

How to join Wageningen Dance Collective

As an association we also have a team that does performances and competitions. They are called Wageningen Dance Collective (WDC) and they can be joined via auditions. If you have entered that you are interested in WDC you will receive a separate email about this. If you haven’t shown your interest in WDC yet, but changed your mind, please send us an email so we can add you to the interest list!

How to become a member

If you have joined our open classes and are still interested in becoming a member, you can subscribe via our website: The big purple button sends you to a sign up form!

We are really looking forward to seeing you in the open classes!